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Dentaform is a small family owned dental laboratory established in 1968. Specializing in cosmetics, we are an artistic father and son team that creates amazingly natural looking restorations. Great attention is paid to morphology, color and fit.


Dentaform is achieving optimum results in strength and beauty with our layered zirconia as well as

Ivoclar's e.max line of products.We have developed a technique that surpasses any esthetic results other labs may be getting utilizing the same material.


Dentaform is your premier lab when you have that difficult shade or hard to please patient that you want to impress. You will have full confidence knowing you are dealing with a competent laboratory that goes above and beyond your highest expectations.


Please contact us if you should have any questions or if you would like to move forward with Dentaform creating exquisite smiles for you and your discriminating patients.


The implementation of our cad/cam systems has taken our facility to the next level, allowing us to provide a higher precision product with extraordinary consistency.

Contact us  today to get set up!

About Us

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